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ELD France joined the French Fab

| More than just a simple asset !

ELD France hot tubs are carefully designed in our manufacture in France, Larçay (37).

The structure of our hot tubs is made in France from selected pines for its quality and durability: autoclave wood class 4. The impregnated pine Class 4 is intended to be in permanent contact with the ground or freshwater. Pressure impregnation is the solution by far the most used today and has proven efficiency for decades.

Our team brings to each of these manufacturing stages, quality, precision and know-how to offer you a hot tub that meets your expectations.


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We deliver around the world, and throughout France to your store or directly to your customer.


We offer a 2-year moving, parts & labor warranty for any installation performed by us (France only).
Warranties on spare parts, shell and structure.

After sale service

We provide you with an easy-to-use online service for your service requests. Each request is carefully studied by our expert to bring you the solution!

Crystal-clear water

thanks to the invaluable Ultraviolet treatment.

| Professionnal feedback


Pixeau Piscines (45)

"We have been distributing ML and NEO spas for 2 years and are delighted with the quality and design.
Our customers are very happy with the exceptional quality / price ratio, which no other brands can currently offer on the market."


Piscine et Spa du Perche - Hydrosud (72)

"I am very happy to distribute the ELD spas: the sales and technical team is attentive and especially their technicians who perform the installation and after-sales service."


Mont Blanc Pool (07)

"Quality of Spas and serious installation, our customers are delighted and so are we."


Effervescence (73)

"We are very satisfied with our new collaboration with ELD France; having been in this business for 10 years, the ML Spa® and Neospa® spas meet our expectations in terms of reliability but also to the expectations of our customers who are reassured to acquire a hot tub at a very good ratio price quality. Our first installations prove it!"


Piscines et spas NSE NSEPC (28)

"Delighted to have found the spas ELD France: quality / price exceptional. Commercial service at the top and very attentive."

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Since being set up in 2012, ELD France devotes its energy and its skills to one and only one profession: your well being.

We design and carefully manufacture each hot tub in our French factory in Larçay. Committed to quality and service, we aim to serve a network of professionals, pool owners and hot tub resellers in a satisfactory manner. Our strength: advice, support and development. We offer after-sales service parts, labor and travel throughout France by our technicians and provide you the French quality across the world. Contact us and become our partner.